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Electrical muscle stimulator

Electrical muscle stimulator

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Digital signal technology, ideal for neck and shoulder stiffness, back pain, cramps, physical therapies and more.

Stimulates through acupressure massage, cupping and manipulation, single use.

The large LCD screen shows intensity, functions and time.

It has 4 electrodes and connection cable.

A good option for your health is the treatment option of physical therapy, muscle pain. The Tens machine uses impulse current therapy to relieve pain, stimulate muscles and relax the body.

The gentle electric current passes through the central nervous system and stimulates deep tissues and muscles, blocks the pain receptor and various muscle movements and relieves muscle tension, relieves body pain.

Helps relieve pain, fatigue, promotes blood circulation, improves the immunity of the spleen and stomach, helps physical therapies for stroke, improves sleep quality and activates circulation for pain

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